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GGB, Gornergrat, 3089m – Matterhorn, 4478m – 01.07.13

Charaxes Publications produces quality books mostly about Switzerland. My name is Jason Sargerson. This is my website to provide information about my books and how to buy them. I have been interested in railways and butterflies since the 1960’s. I first visited Switzerland in 1977 and I have since visited regularly, every year in the last ten years.

I occasionally have articles published about butterflies in Argus (the Yorkshire Butterfly magazine: Articles about Swiss Railways appear in Swiss Express (the Swiss Rail Society magazine:

Some of my photos now appear on, and

Some of my video clips now appear on Youtube

I have a Personal diary and a European Butterflies Magazine diary in the Overseas section on

All my books have a similar format. They are all softback, A4, 36 pages, with at least 100 medium to large colour photographs and a good size print.

Special Offer: Buy any two publications for £20.00, three for £30.00, four for £40.00

Overseas Customers price per book including postage: USA $20.00, Euros 17.00, CHF 18.00.

The books available are:

Charaxes Films: My butterfly DVD films were inspired by and are intended to complement Paul Wetton's excellent film: Searching for Butterflies in South West Switzerland - see and Each film covers butterflies in easy access sites in specific regions of Switzerland.

The DVD films available are:

Special offer: Buy both DVDs for £24.00 including postage

European Butterflies Magazine: This is a new butterfly enthusiasts magazine covering Europe, including articles about Individual Species, Conservation, Life Cycle, Field Trips and Butterfly Sites.

The issues available are:

Special offer: Buy two magazines for £18.00 including postage.

East Yorkshire Wildlife Magazine: This is a new wildlife enthusiasts magazine covering East Yorkshire, with articles about Local Wildlife, Nature Reserves, Parks and Gardens.

The issues available are:

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